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October StatPREP Webinar

MAA Connect Webinar
  • Looking for ways to connect with other StatPREP participants across the country?  Do you want to share the wonderful innovated data centric ways you’re teaching your intro stats course?  Join the conversation on MAA connect. This webinar will show you how to get onto MAA connect whether you’re an MAA member or not as well as going over the basics of MAA connect.   

Consulting days start in October!

  • Trying a new data set in your class, but need some help getting everything organized?
  • A lesson or activity from the workshops you want to implement, but don’t remember the details?
  • Wondering how the parts of statistics fit together?
  • Need a bit of help with R or Markdown or deploying data or documents to the web?
  • Just want to talk things out?

Help is on the way!

As part of our ongoing outreach with statistics instructors, offers free consulting sessions. You can sign up for one on the 2nd Tuesday or 3rd Friday of each month.

Sign up ON THIS CALENDAR for a 30 minute session or two sessions back to back. (You may need to page forward through the weeks to find the next available date.)

We’ll meet via web conference, at All you need is a browser on a computer with microphone (and at your option) camera.

Tuesday Oct 8
Friday Oct 18

Tuesday Nov 12
Friday Nov 15

Tuesday Dec 10
Friday Dec 20

Tuesday Jan 14
Friday Jan 17

We welcome both veterans of our summer workshops and statistics instructors who are new to  Your friendly consultant for these first sessions will be Danny Kaplan.

October 2019 webinar

A webinar is planned for October to demonstrate MAA Connect. Stay tuned for an announcement of the date.

September 2019 StatPREP webinar

Using the Activities for Little App “Rare and Common” 

Do you have an unusually high pulse rate? How can a person find out? This webinar will present an activity developed for the Little App called “Common and Rare.” This activity is a group activity that is available to use in a class today. The webinar will show you how to use the activity and the Little App in an introductory Statistics course to introduce and investigate the concept of rare and common events utilizing the normal curve.

Thursday September 19, 2019

4:00 pm EST,  3 pm CDT, 2 pm MDT, 1 pm PDT and Arizona time.

The webinar will be around 30 minutes.

Webinar leader: Kelly McConville and Kate Kozak

A recoding of the webinar is posted in the webinar tab.

September webinar

The StatPREP leadership team is planing a webinar over using the Normal Distribution Little App. The webinar will be planned for sometime in September. Stay tuned for more information.