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StatPREP October 2020 Webinar

Data Science in a Box

Date and Time:  Thursday October  29 at  4pm Eastern, 3 pm Central, 2 pm Mountain, 1pm  Pacific.

Our guest will be Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel,  a highly regarded teacher and one of the authors of the OpenIntro textbooks  as well  as the online “Data Science in  a Box”  package of  teaching  materials. We’ll be talking with Mine about the upcoming new edition of the  simulation-based OpenIntro textbook and how you can use it in  your class. We’ll  also cover a range of topics, from remote teaching of statistics and data science to  Mine’s (educated!) predictions about where intro stats is heading as we get started in the 2020s.
To register for the webinar, go to

StatPREP September 2020 Webinar

Using the Activities for the New Little Apps

Date: Sept. 17 at 10 AM PT/ 11 am MT, noon CT/1 PM ET

Host: Kate Kozak, Danny Kaplan

In April, a webinar presented the new Little Apps for StatPREP. Come to this webinar to learn about the activities that have been updated to use the new Little Apps. Several activities will be presented along with how to use them in class.

The link for registering for the webinar is

Preparing for the fall semester

The StatPREP leadership wishes you well in the fall term. There are many materials on the StatPREP site that can help you with teaching data centric statistics in the fall. Please visit the Webinar link to watch previous webinars that can show you how to use the material. The material is in Resources, and previous Newsletters are also available that have valuable information. Please explore the site.

August webinar

Building Community in a Remote Learning Environment
Aug 7, 2020 02:00 PM EDT, 1:00 PM CDT, 12:00 PM MDT, 11:00 AM PDT
A sense of belonging and community is still critical to ensure that students remain engaged and enthusiastic while being in a remote learning environment.  Students may be accustomed to find a sense of belonging from interactions with their peers and classmates in a physical classroom setting. As instruction is delivered virtually, students may likely feel less connected, uncertain, or distracted in their new learning environment.  Creating a virtual community is just as important for remote learning as it is in a physical classroom.  In this webinar suggestions will be given which can help educators reestablish a sense of belonging for their students.

June Webinar

There will not be a StatPREP webinar in June; however there is an opportunity for learning more about data centric statistics. This opportunity is

The American Statistical Association is conducting a free workshop titled “Teaching Introductory Statistics in the 2020s: A Virtual Workshop for Two-Year College Educators” on Monday June 29 and Tuesday June 30 from 12-4pm Eastern time.

This workshop will focus on ideas and activities for teaching introductory statistics in accordance with the American Statistical Association’s GAISE recommendations and “A World Beyond P < 0.05” initiative. Highlighted themes will include multivariable thinking, data fluency, misconceptions and limitations of p-values, and alternatives to p-values such as effect sizes.  Presenters are Roxy Peck, Rob Gould, Danny Kaplan, Beth Chance, Jeff Witmer, and Kari Lock Morgan.

This virtual workshop is free, but advance registration is required.  More information and a registration form are available at:

Please feel free to share this information with your colleagues who teach statistics.

Questions can be directed to Allan Rossman ( or Rebecca Nichols (