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Welcome to StatPREP

Statistics is fundamentally about data; StatPREP is fundamentally about helping instructors teach with data. We work with college instructors who want to teach statistics with a modern pedagogy and with a direct emphasis on real data wrangling and visualization techniques.

StatPREP provides data- and computationally-based curricular materials through this site. Each June, we run four 1½ day workshops. This summer’s workshops are May 31-June 1 at the University of Hartford, June 7-June 8 at Howard Community College, Jun 14-June 15 at Tarrant County College, and June 20-June 21 at Highline College. Applications are being accepted now until April 17, 2019. Click on the tab called “Apply for a Workshop.”

January 2019 Webinar:

Introducing Your Students to Multivariable Data

This webinar will present a way to introduce students to data. The webinar will present two classroom lessons that can be used to explain multivariable data to your class. The first is called “A Lesson for the First Day,” and is used to show your students how data can be used to answer questions. The second is called “Using Google Spreadsheets,” and has your students collect data in the classroom. Both of these activities can be completed early in the course. The webinar will be on Friday, January 25 at noon EST, 11 am CST, 10 am MST, 9 am PST. Duration: 60 minutes.