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Before the workshop

You are coming to a StatPREP workshop. Is there anything you should do prior to the start of the workshop? You don’t have to do anything, but if you want to be a little prepared, here are some suggestions:

  • Read the ASA report called GAISE, Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education. The GAISE project have created two reports of recommendations for introductory statistics courses (college level) and statistics education in Pre-K-12 years. Both can be found at the link This report gives provides recommendations for teaching statistics.
  • Explore the website to see what resources are available to you. A link to a video showing some features of the site can be found at Do realize that the website has been updated since this video was made so some areas of the website may look different in the video than what you see in person. The basic structure of the website has not changed, so the video should help you become familiar with the site.
  • Watch the recording of one or more of the webinars that are posted on in the webinar tab. You can also click on to go directly to the site. There are 9 recordings of webinars that you can view.
  • If you have a data set that you would like to play with, bring that data set to the workshop.
  • There are some questions that we would like to have you answer prior to the workshop. Please send your answers to the following questions to Danny Kaplan at You can also bring your answers to the workshop. To answer the questions, think about the intro statistics course that you teach now or expect to teach:
  1. What do you teach students about handling data? (That is, not about the analysis of data but about how data is stored, accessed, transformed?)
  2. Which topics do you find unsatisfying? (This could be because you just don’t like them, because students don’t succeed in mastering the topic, or because they make no sense/don’t fit in.)
  3. Which lesson have you been aching to improve?
  4. Hypothetical: Suppose you were tasked to develop a version of your statistics course that is only 2/3 as long as your current course. Which topics would you drop or consolidate? (Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to do this. We merely want to prompt you to prioritize the topics in your course.)
  5. What data sets do you currently use that you would like to give a higher profile?
  6. Are there data sets that you’d like to incorporate but haven’t had a chance to do so?