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Behind the Scenes: transforming traditional to data-centric. Part I

It seems so sensible to say that statistics should be data-centric. But traditionally statistics has been taught as an extension of mathematics. Data didn’t enter into it except as fodder for exercises and test questions.

In this Behind the Scenes series, we’ll look at some examples of turning traditional lessons into data-centric ones. Read more

Lesson: An Experiment with Paper Planes

One of the best ways for students to learn about data is to collect and enter data into a shared spreadsheet. This lesson (link to tutorial document) does exactly that.

On the surface, the lesson is about performing an experiment, Read more

Lesson: Driver reaction times

An all-too-common style of statistics exercise gives students some numbers and asks them to calculate a confidence interval or conduct a hypothesis test.

The StatPREP driver-reaction-time lesson is our re-interpretation using data and computing of a textbook-type exercise that asks for the confidence interval Read more

StatPREP Summer Workshops 2017

To be posted … Some detailed description of the workshops and links to the tutorials.

Read more

Kaplan wins CAUSE/USCOTS award

StatPREP co-PI Danny Kaplan has won the 2017 CAUSE/USCOTS Lifetime Achievement Award. The award nomination highlighted Kaplan’s contributions to the development of data-centric statistics teaching, saying: Danny’s most profound Read more