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Dataset suggestions

“Where can I find suitable data for my course?” This is one of the most common questions instructors ask of StatPREP.

Of course, you want data that will be motivating to your students and illustrate clearly the statistical concept that you are currently covering.

This page has links to a large number of data repositories and data sets.

Sometimes data readily available on the web is not in a form readily suited to statistical work. Like Tolstoy’s unhappy families^[See first line of Anna Karenina], each data set is unsuited in its own way. A few case studies for dealing with such situations are available here.

A tutorial on “ingesting data” is at

For the more adventurous, the R-bloggers website (which has thousands of blog posts) occassional about reading in specific data sets. Example:

  • reading in [FitBit activity records](
  • course on reading US Census Data