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Getting a handle on ANOVA: Webinar for 20 April 2018

By the end of April, many of us will be near the end of the semester. In terms of teaching statistics, that means we’re approaching the point of decision: Should I cover ANOVA or not?

This webinar is about ANOVA, seen from a perspective that we think makes it much easier to understand and is rooted in a display of data. Kate Kozak will lead the webinar. Come find out from her what you have been missing and how to become confident in teaching ANOVA with data.

This will be our first webinar about the Little Apps series, interactive displays of data designed to let you an your students explore a statistical method or idea. This webinar features the app on one-variable ANOVA.

We’ll have more StatPREP webinars on other topics in the collection of Little Apps.

About 30 minutes: 1pm EDT, 12pm central, 11am mountain, 10am pacific and Arizona. The recording of the webinar can be viewed at

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  1. Collette Gibson #

    I liked seeing the data with color coding for the categorical variable. Your data is displayed with vertical dotplots. In the past I used horizontal boxplots to compare the data for ANOVA with my students, and the data was not a random sample from a large data set. I liked seeing the different samples where some categorical data did not display for n=20. I liked the standard deviation shading and using a visual relationship with R^2. Thank you.

    April 21, 2018

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