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Membership in statPREP

Membership in statPREP let’s you easily keep up with the newest developments and materials for data-centric statistics education.

Institutional Membership

Institutional membership helps us put you in touch with statPREP regional hubs. Institutional members — typically two-year or four-year colleges — are eligible to apply to be the host for statPREP workshops, or to join with other local institutions to create a multi-institutional application. There is no cost or obligation to an institutional membership; it’s a way of helping us keep in touch with institutions advancing their pedagogy in statistics.

Institutional membership form

Instructor Membership

Instructor memberships provide a link to the statPREP face-to-face regional workshops and the continuing support of our regional hubs and the national network. A typical instructor member teaches statistics at a two- or four-year college and is interested to update and expand his or her skills in teaching with data. There is no cost to an instructor membership.

Instructor members are eligible to:

  • apply to participate in our face-to-face workshops
  • participate in faculty development activities of the national statPREP network
  • seek support from the statPREP regional hub leaders and the statPREP team of national networks

Instructor membership form