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Kaplan wins CAUSE/USCOTS award

StatPREP co-PI Danny Kaplan has won the 2017 CAUSE/USCOTS Lifetime Achievement Award. The award nomination highlighted Kaplan’s contributions to the development of data-centric statistics teaching, saying: Danny’s most profound and lasting mark on statistics education has been the way that he teaches students in their first college statistics course. Danny challenged the longstanding status quo which was a course focused on basic probability, the Central Limit Theorem, and one- and two-sample procedures. That traditional introductory course rarely incorporated real data, and when it did, the datasets were overly simplistic (either due to a small sample size and/or a very small number of variables) to be taken seriously as a genuine attempt to answer a research question. Danny argued that, from their first encounter with statistics, students should be exposed to authentic, complex, data; after all, this is how statistics is used in client disciplines and outside of academia. Consequently, Danny developed the hugely popular Introduction to Statistical Modeling (ISM) course, and his now widely used book, Statistical Modeling: A Fresh Approach. In ISM, Danny introduces multivariate modeling early and often, and empowers students to grapple with issues like partitioning variation, confounding, multicollinearity, and causation.

Previous award winners:

  • 2015: Ann E. Watkins, California State University at Northridge
  • 2013: Christine Franklin, University of Georgia
  • 2011: Richard Scheaffer, University of Florida
  • 2009: Roxy Peck, California Polytechnic State University
  • 2007: Joan Garfield, University of Minnesota
  • 2005: George Cobb, Mt. Holyoke College

For more information, see the award site.

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