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Little Apps

Interactive apps are a powerful way to engage students with statistical concepts. Several textbooks have apps associated with them, for instance, the Agresti/Franklin/Klingenberg book, Statistics: The art and science of learning from data, the Tintle et al book, Introduction to Statistical Investigations, the Lock^5 book Statistics: Unlocking the power of data. (Even though these apps are associated with textbooks, many are free to use without the book.)

In contrast to many of the textbook apps, Little Apps are not primarily about explaining statistical theory. Rather, they let you introduce theory and methods gradually to illuminate and refine stories about data.

StatPREP Little Apps

StatPREP Little Apps are designed to let students explore specific statistical techniques in the context of data.

Two-sample t                                                               Regression and Smoothers


Proportions                                                                Center and Spread


Original style

Feedback on the original Little Apps has prompted us to revise them, adding features such as tabs for the codebook, an explanation, and R code in the app itself. The following Little Apps have not yet been revised, but will be this summer. Still, the main ideas are present in the original version.

Resampling & Inference                                             ‘One-way’ ANOVA


Little Apps for some conventional graphics.

These apps don’t use the “data graphics/statistical graphics/inference graphics” tricotomy. Instead, they use the varied and inconsistent forms of traditional graphics.

Displays of density                                                 Stem-and-leaf plots


Why density and not count?