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January 2019 Webinar:

Introducing Your Students to Multivariable Data

This webinar will present a way to introduce students to data. The webinar will present two classroom lessons that can be used to explain multivariable data to your class. The first is called “A Lesson for the First Day,” and is used to show your students how data can be used to answer questions. The second is called “Using Google Spreadsheets,” and has your students collect data in the classroom. Both of these activities can be completed early in the course. The webinar will be on Friday, January 25 at noon EST, 11 am CST, 10 am MST, 9 am PST. Duration: 60 minutes.

October Webinar

On Friday, October 26, 2018 at 10 am PDT, 10 am MDT, 11 am CDT, and noon EDT there will be a demonstration on how to use the little app called Two-sample t. The webinar will talk about how to use it in your introductory statistics class. Then there will be a demonstration on how to use the little app called Proportions in your class. Lastly the webinar will show a tutorial on Sampling and Resampling in case you want to learn more about modern methods in statistics. You can then introduce this concept to your class.

Welcome to StatPREP!

Statistics is fundamentally about data; StatPREP is fundamentally about helping instructors teach with data. We work with college instructors who want to teach statistics with a modern pedagogy and with a direct emphasis on real data wrangling and visualization techniques.

StatPREP provides data- and computationally-based curricular materials through this site. Each June, we run four 1½ day workshops Read more

Start of the semester webinar

We are pleased to announce the first StatPREP webinar of the 2018-19 academic year.

Title:  Using StatPREP Little Apps to Teach Descriptive Statistics video recording

Summary:  This webinar will focus on the nuts and bolts of designing a class lesson around Read more

Data science at two-year colleges

StatPREP leaders Kate Kozak (Coconino Community College and AMATYC), Doug Ensley (MAA), and Danny Kaplan (Macalester College), represented StatPREP at last week’s “Two-Year College Data Science Summit”. The purpose of the summit Read more