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StatPREP Consulting Day!

Wednesday April 17, 2019, any time during the day.

With the increasing number of StatPREP participants — both those who have participated in workshops and those who encounter StatPREP via our web site — we have found that it can be helpful to offer one-on-one consulting with StatPREP authors and workshop leaders.

Perhaps you’re intrigued by a Little App, but aren’t quite sure how it works, or what are the underlying statistical concepts, or how you would use it in class? Consult with us!

Perhaps you’d like to locate data that will be well suited to your class or topic? Consult with us!

Perhaps there’s a topic in your statistics class that you’re not completely comfortable with and would like some teaching tips or a chance to discuss it with an expert? Consult with us!

StatPREP lessons, help with writing or deploying software, setting up, using the web to share data with your students …. Whatever it is that relates to your teaching statistics, we’re here to help. So, consult with us!

This first StatPREP consulting day will be staffed by Danny Kaplan, a statistics instructor at Macalester College, textbook author, winner of the CAUSE/USCOTS lifetime achievement award, StatPREP team member, and all around fun guy. We’re making appointments in 30-minute slots; you can reserve up to two of these. You can bring a friend or colleague. And you can pick the slot that best suits your schedule. We have a dedicated web conferencing room for the purpose, one that allows both you and the consultant to share your screens as needed. Alternatively, we can meet by phone or even two tin cans connected by string. (You provide the string 🙂

To sign up for a slot …

  • If you have a google account (e.g. gmail) … follow this link. You’ll see an ugly Macalester College sign-up sheet telling you, misleadingly, that there are no appointment slots available until April 17. Just click on the April 17 link and you’ll see the available slots for consulting.
  • Otherwise … send an email to reserving a slot. Provide some times that are convenient for you. (Slots start on the hour and half-hour.) We’ll get back to you to confirm your reservation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do I know if my question/concern/interest is worth the time of the StatPREP team?
    If it’s worth your time, it’s worth our time. We’re here to help you.
  • Where do we meet? We’ll meet in a web conference room, specifically There’s no setup required, just point your browser to the web conference room.
  • Can I listen in on someone else’s consulting session? Yes, but you won’t be sneaky. Everyone who is in the conference room is visible to everyone else in the room?
  • Is there a charge? Of course not. But do say thanks when you get a chance to the National Science Foundation (grant DUE-1626337), the people making this possible.
  • Will there be other StatPREP Consulting Days? We’re still working out the details.
    Our working plan is to have four each year; two at the start and in the middle of each semester. We’re also thinking of taking the show on the road: having the consultant available at one of the StatPREP Workshop hub sites so that she can meet face-to-face with locals and yet still be available for non-locals via the internet.
  • Do I have to be a StatPREP participant? Newcomers are welcome! If you’re teaching a statistics class, or being threatened by your department chair with having to teach one, we invite you to reserve a consulting slot.
  • What happens if miss my slot? The StatPREP consultant will have an opportunity to catch up on some other work, and you’ll just need to arrange a slot on another consulting day or by special appointment.
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