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StatPREP Resources

The first StatPREP workshops were held in June 2017. The second year StatPEP workshops were held in June 2018. More workshops will be presented in June of 2019, 2020, and 2021.

The statPREP workshops are divided into three main parts. The first centers on building skills in data computing: mastering the remarkably small set of commands that are used in the StatPREP lessons and activities (and which would suffice for the computing content of an entire introductory statistics course). The second on little apps, that focusses on a single lesson that can be introduced to your statistics course to help you and your students benefit from the data-centric teaching that is the heart of the statPREP approach. The little apps require no knowledge of the R environment. The last component are class lessons that you can use in your classes to teach statistical topics from a data centric methodology.

In the menu Resources are submenus for the little apps, class lessons, and tutorials. Please visit them for specific examples.