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StatPREP Resources

The resources are for to use in your classes to teach data from a data centric point of view.

The first resource is called Little Apps. Little apps focusses on a single lesson that can be introduced to your statistics course to help you and your students benefit from the data-centric teaching that is the heart of the statPREP approach. The little apps require no knowledge of the R environment.

The second resource is Activities for the Little Apps. This is a collection of activities for you to use in your classes. The web pages give you insights on how to use the little apps with your students. There are word documents that you can use with your students to help them gain a deeper understanding of statistical concepts and use data sets that help to explore these concepts.

R tutorials is a resource that you can use in your classes that will expose your students to some of the commands in the computing language called R. R is used by many in academia and industry to conduct statistical studies, so by exposing your students to R, you are giving them skills they may see in the work force.

Instructor tutorials is a resource for instructors to learn statistical analysis that they may not have been exposed to in their studies. You can use these in your classes, but they are more for you as the instructor to learn data centric methods of statistical analysis.

Dataset suggestions is a resource to find datasets. This is one area where instructors are always asking for help on. These are some datasets that are available.

MAA Connect is an online community to allow hub members to discuss topic and share material they are using in their classes.

The last resource are the contact information for workshop leaders and hub leaders. These people are there to answer your questions on how to implement a resource in your class and on the different statistical concepts.