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Using the Zoom webinar software

Here’s a video showing how to join a StatPREP webinar using the “Zoom” software:

In the video, both our earnestness and evident lack of experience are apparent. We’ll need to remake it eventually, but here’s the outline:

  1. At the start, Kate has set up the webinar and is as yet the only participant. Her picture appears on the screen.
  2. Danny telephones Kate and pretends to be clueless. (It’s type-casting!) You’ll hear clean audio from Kate, and poor-quality audio because Danny is using a telephone rather than the Zoom software.
  3. Kate tells Danny where to find the link to the webinar itself. (It’s on this very page!) Danny clicks the link and then almost inaudibly narrates the events as the Zoom system sets itself up in Danny’s web browser.
  4. Suddenly Danny’s audio improves markedly and a video feed from his computer appears on Kate’s screen. Danny and Kate discuss how to mute and unmute audio and how a participant can share his or her screen with the rest of the participants. Unfortunately, our amateur video continues to show the web page instead of showing the Zoom control screen which has the mute and share-screen buttons. But you will see the Zoom control screen.
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  1. I watched the video first. I then went into zoom and found the mute/unmute button but not the share screen button. Then I read your 4 typed comments on the webpage and smiled when I read #4 regarding your preference to have the zoom screen showing in the video and not the statPREP screen.

    October 27, 2017

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