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Welcome to StatPREP’s RStudio server

You’ve just gotten login credentials for the StatPREP RStudio server. Now what?

We would like you to do two things straight off:

  1. Log in to the server.
  2. Change your password.

Logging in

Your login credentials came in an email, giving both your user ID (typically the left-hand side of your email address) and an initial password. To login is simple. Direct your browser to then give your credentials in the login screen that will appear.

Change your password

We want your password to be both secure and easy to remember. The initial password is neither, so you should change it to something you think suitable. Here’s how:

  1. Select Tools/Shell from the RStudio menu.

  1. A new tab will appear labelled “Terminal”. It will have a prompt that contains your user ID. At the prompt, type the one-word command passwd. You will be prompted for your current password (that is, the one sent you by email) and then will be prompted twice for your proposed new password. As you type the passwords, nothing will appear to change. So it’s easy to make a mistake, in which case you’ll get a new prompt and can start from the beginning.

Your RStudio account

The account you have on the StatPREP RStudio server is your own, files are secure and private.