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Writing an interactive tutorial: Friday Dec 1 webinar

4:00 EDT, 3:00 CDT, 2:00 MDT, 1:00 PDT. Connect a few minutes early, if you can.
Link to the video of the webinar

An interactive tutorial is an effective way to provide access to data computing to students. Tutorials can be arranged so that a student needs nothing more than a web browser. Within a tutorial, you can pose multiple choice questions, display results of statistical calculations, and provide students with an R session in which they can do their own calculations (with as much or as little guidance from you as you want).

The first step in writing an interactive tutorial is to figure out what you want the tutorial to cover. In the webinar, we’ll start by creating an Rmd file with some simple but authentic statistical content. Then, we’ll add slots for multiple-choice questions and computations. Finally, we’ll activate the components that turn an ordinary Rmd file into an interactive tutorial.

To participate fully in the webinar

  1. Make sure that you have access to an RStudio system with these packages installed: learnr,shiny, knitr, markdown, and mdsint (which you need to install with the R command devtools::install_github("dtkaplan/mdsint").

– If you are a StatPREP participant, you can request an account on the StatPREP RStudio server. The necessary packages are pre-installed.
2. Download to your laptop or desktop the Writing_tutorials_1.Rmd file containing the tutorial. In the course of the webinar, you’ll be editing this file in your account on the StatPREP RStudio server.

Future webinars will cover how to deploy tutorials to a server so they can be accessed with a web browser, logging student activity, and providing automated checking of student submissions.

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